About Us

Local Style was created to represent locals worldwide. From day one it has been a family owned and operated company. Local Style began in Aptos, California in the mid 80's and was officially trademarked by 1989. It started as a clothing line and a custom screen printing shop.

When I was 16 i started to shape my own surfboard. By the time I had finished I wanted to put a logo on it, my dad recommended that I use his logo... Local Style.

After a few boards under my belt I started making ironing logos on to T-shirts and giving them out at school. After seeing the reaction to the t-shirts, I switched gears and focused on screen printing opposed to shaping. I began working at a local screen printing business. I swept, vacuumed, cleaned screens and squeegees, In order to print my own shirts at night,. After learning the ins and outs of the screen printing business, I slowly acquired all of the equipment that I needed to turn my garage into a screen printing shop. Here I am today printing every garment by hand.